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Forex News Bot

Forex News Bot_image

Upcoming Release

Category: Forex

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Price : To Be Disclosed.



EURUSD Strategy

Category: Forex

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Price : 350.00 Eur / Year

Binance Crypto Range

Binance Crypto Range_image

Not Relased

Category: Crypto

Platform: Binance

Price : Upcoming

Win Rate Master

Win Rate Master_image

Not for real use

Category: Forex

Platform: MetaTrader 4

Price : 80 Eur

Characteristics of a good trading bot:

  • It is makeing money over time - it might miss a month but the overall result should be positive.
  • Must have a good shapre ratio above 3%, this measure is rarely provided by bot sellers
  • The drowdown should be lower than 20%.

A trading bot is a computer program that executes trades automatically on your trading platform. They are many kinds of platforms for retail invesotrs like Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5. Binance, Interactive Brokers etc.

In order to be able to operate a trading bot has a programmed strategy. It might be a simple strategy (buy every morining at 9 p.m and sell at 10 p.m.) or a more complex one consisting of houndreds or tusand lines of code. No matter how complex or simple the goal of a trading bot is always the same : make maximum amount of money risking as little as possible.

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