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WHEN PERFORMANCE MATTERS Quality ® The Quality trading system is the result of 15 years of experience both in trading and in programming. The strategy is focused on the EURUSD pair. It makes money both on Trend and Ranging markets conditions. Strategy Targets : Perseverance of the account capital - maximum priority. Growth. The Monthly target of the strategy is around 10%. Profits would be let to "run" above 10% In case we are riding on a trend. Keep the lowest possible Drawdown (currently at 14%). Everything matters in a trading system. Rules regarding Entering/Exiting the trades are based on my personal opinion, that includes: The current macroeconomic situation(Europe, USA , World Wide). Incoming Macro Data. State of some major technical indicators. My own judgement about the situation. Stop losses are sometimes invisible and activated by the supervising algorithm which is attached to my terminal all the time.

MyFxbook Live : https://www.myfxbook.com/portfolio/quality-reg/7468780

Price: 350.00 Eur / Year

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