Teaching Forex and Cripto trading through Poetry

Fatal Mistakes

"Watch Out For Those "Small Mistakes" , They Really Come In The Most Crucial Moments, Miss Clicking, Malfunctioning Of Touch Pad, Mouse..."

Easy Profits Thanks To The Crowd Opinion

"Sometimes Doing The Opposite Of What Everyone Else Is Thinking Might Be A Good Move"

Hungry For Profits In A Ranging Market.

"Key: 1)Consider Always The Existence Of The Ranging Market. 2) They Can Last Days , Weeks Even Months And Years. 3)Ina A Ranging Market They Are No Big Up Or Down Movements. 4) Have Always A Trading Plan."

I Need The Perfect Trade To Make Them Happy

"Key: 1)Never Force Your Self To Achieve Profits 2) Avoid Averaging (Applying Martingale) To Your Positions!"

The Correct Assessment

"Your Assessment Of The Current Situation Might Be Correct. But It Is Useless If You Do No Enter The Market. To Make Money You Have To Take Risks !"

The Bitcoin Trader

"Care When Assuming Range Market Is Going To Continue Forever"

The Best Forex Trader

"Many Of Us Believe That We Are Special At Trading..But When It Comes To Prove It..Well Thats Another Question"

The Trading Pattern

"Key: Be Careful With Patterns And Have A Proper Risk Managment, Its Not A Bad Idea To Have Stop Loss All The Time"

The Forex Account Terminator

"You Need A Trading Plan To Make It And A Proper Risk Management."

Equity Testicle

"When You Are To Confident About The Upside..The Downside Manifests"

The Supreme Algorithm And The Spider Web

"Be Careful When A Situation Is Too Obvious!"

The Cleaner

"You Might Be Right But Can You Actually Hodl Your Position Withou Getting Scared?"

The Great Lesson

"Believe In The Move"

Birthday Present

"Supersticion Is Bad"

The Tweet

"Tweets Move The Markets."

The Dream

"Sometimes Dreams Have Predictive Power, Sometimes Not"

Bad Luck But I Was Right

"Bad Luck Exists"

The Opportunity

"Don't Invent Situation Stick To The Facts"

The Necessary Loss

"Sometimes Loosing Is Necessary"

The Sniper From Stalingrad


When Ronaldo Comes

"Market Will First Fool You And Make You Suffer Before Going Where You Expected"

Oasis In The Desert

"One Of The Hardest Questions..Keep The Trade Open In Order To Get A Huge Profit Or Close It With A Smaller Profit"

The Red Dragon

"It Is Possible To Catch A Big Movement, But Those Movements Are Very Rare, It Is More Likely For The Price To Reverse. Should You Take A Small Profit Or Hodl?"

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