I was right about the incoming EURUSD significant fall but i missed it. This would have canceled all my loses from the summer. During FED Chairman spech i placed a short order and everything was great. I was in profit for more than half a day. I dreamt big for some time about buying a house with a huge swimming pool. I didnt like that the maekrt was falling so slowly something was wrong, but i said i wil stick to this position whatever happens. The result is that the market slowly reversed , hitting my stop losses. Then it droped with an amazing strength. I was angry but i said to my self shit happens, don't worry. This was bat luck but i was right. Then i saw an amazing opportunity at the GBPUSD as it was trying to make a double top. News about the pair were bad and brexit date was approaching. I said this thing is going to spike, i m gonna wait for the spike then short and leave it for some weeks. I could add an Aston Martin car to my future house with swimming pool with that trade. So i started waiting for the spike. I waited all day and all night i knew the spike was coming. But then i fell asleep. When i woke up the market had spiked 10 minutes after i felt asleep and then felt with an amazing power. This was bad luck but i was right. After some days i found the best trading opportunity of my life, Short the dax, which was trading at an historical high. I could even add to an helicopter to my future house with swimming pool and an aston martin in the garage. The global economy was not doing so well and FED and ECB monetary policies were NOT providing enough boost to the markets, China was slowing down, there was a trade war going one and a brexit. I said ok this is going to rise a Little bit more and i m shorting. The problem is that the market felt without that small rise. The fall was big. I had bad luck , but i was right. I will comeback stronger than ever and erase all my past loses.

Lesson : Bad luck exists. | Creation and Sales of Trading Bots.