I had a dream of a rising market, a huge movement that wipped out my account. I said to my self, i must be careful, some of my dreams have proven from the past to have a forecasting power. The problem is that i was expecting the markets to actually fall. I could not imagine such a big move on the upside something was wrong. Back in the days when i was an economics student i read the Sigmund Freud book "the interpretation of dreams" . But this knowledge was not helping me this time. I was unable to understand my dream. Three days after, while a friend was chocking my neck in my jiu jitsu class i realized what the dream meant. It was about the movement, not about the direction. So the market was facing an imminent fall. I immediately left the gym went home as fast as i could and shorted the market. I was amazing, my dreams were giving me insider information and i finally knew how to interpret them. The next day the market opened with a huge gap on the upside. Then it started rising hitting all my stop losses. It continued to rise for several weeks.

Lesson : Sometimes dreams have predictive power, sometimes not. | Creation and Sales of Trading Bots.