My trading plan was so perfect. I knew i had to wait for several weeks to get into that trade. I had to be patient. The moment came. I entered the trade but by a clinking mistake in the opposite direction of my plan and of what was happening. I was quickly in an important loss. I knew i had a small chance if the market reversed for some minutes. I averaged my position and my loss was now bigger. But the market started to pull back. This was good news. As i was watching at the screen and waiting for the market to fall and erase my loss my old gaming mouse started to click alone and opened opposite trades closing my first ones. That was a total mess! The market continued to pull back...i had losses from both sides. But my plan was perfect!

Lesson : Watch out for those "small mistakes" , they really come in the most crucial moments, miss clicking, malfunctioning of touch pad, mouse....

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