So you are trying to catch the reversal of a trend? You might be actually right or you might be wrong. But know that. Even if you are right, the market is going to try to trick you (with big intensity) to CHANGE YOUR MIND. Price action before reversals is very tricky and scary. It will look like that it will continue the trend forever and you will feel very scared. I will feel that an imminent huge move against you may come in every moment. This price action can make you change your initial plan(direction of the position) and make you loose a lot. Additionally you will lose the move and enter a shock mode loosing your reasoning. It happened so many times. MY ADVICE? Stick to your initial plan with a good stop loss. STICK TO IT, and if you are right everything will be fine. BELIEVE IN THE MOVE.

Lesson : BELIEVE IN THE MOVE. | Creation and Sales of Trading Bots.