Hungry For Profits IN a ranging market.


I remember long ago when i started my trading journey like now i was a looser. The difference is that now i m a looser with experience. I watched the movie wall street several times. I had read a couple of books and i tough i knew it all and i was more than ready to start making money. One of those books was about catching trends. I said cool i m going to follow that. So i started buying but then the market would reverse and hit my stop loss. I use to think OK its going down i was wrong ,therefore i short. Then the market went up again. This sequence repeated for several months. I lost several accounts. I was destroyed from inside and outside. But i said to my self i will comeback stronger than ever next time i have money.

Lesson : Key: 1)Consider always the existence of the ranging market. 2) They can last days , weeks even months and years. 3)Ina a ranging market they are no big up or down movements. 4) Have always a trading plan.. | Creation and Sales of Trading Bots.