I need the perfect trade to make them happy


I have been delivering nice profits for the last months. My investors were happy with my above average monthly returns. I did a great job. But i needed to continue to do so in order to keep them happy and attract new ones. At the beginning of this month i didn't do so well and i started to feel some pressure. I needed to achieve at least the my average monthly return and why not have the best month ever, I WAS FEELING I WAS SYNC WITH THE MARKET. My second week of the month was also bad, it was imperative to finish the month in profit, i needed the perfect trade! I finally found that perfect trade and shorted the market. It didn't go well from the start , so i started to average my position by adding more and more. I ended up loosing everything, my investors, their money and my money. But i will comeback stronger than ever.

Lesson : Key: 1)Never force your self to achieve profits 2) Avoid averaging (applying martingale) to your positions!.

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