The necessary loss


I knew the market was about to reverse so i started making big plans about how i was going to spend all that cash. Ideas of a brand new Aston Martin full of whores came up to my head. The recent news were bad supporting nicely the idea of a reversal. The only problem was that the market was currently very close to a strong resistance level. It has not been broken for the last two months despite several attempts during that period. Should it brake that level it could really spike to an unpredictable height and even wipe out my account. I had to risk, i had to be there. Needed to risk that it would not break, its a necessary trade and a potential necessary loss. I made a big short bet and started waiting. Few hours after that the market started falling and i was very happy. But it felt only for one hour. Then suddenly there was a huge rise, breaking the resistance level and reaching new historical heights. I had a huge profit , but negative. My stop loses were hit but my account was still alive.I felt a new rise was about to come so i stayed out of the market. Then the biggest yearly drop happened and it lasted several weeks.I lost this time but i will be back stronger than ever and of course i m going to recover everything, i m going to double my bets next time.

Lesson : Sometimes loosing is necessary. | Creation and Sales of Trading Bots.