i was sure this was going to be the most promising trade of the summer. In stead of going to the beach i waited for weeks in front of my computers. I knew it was going to come, thats why i was steering at the charts like a sniper from Stalingrad. Then one afternoon it happened, he tweeted what i needed to hear. My algos reacted and shorted immediately and it was a big win since the first minute. At the end of the day my profits where huge. I was expecting a long term fall and even a flash crash. It was Friday. During the weekend I made big plans about spending the winter in a boat in the Caribbean sea. I knew which girl i was going to take with me. Omg so good, i almost made it. The week after it was Monday the market opened, the news were bad for me, at some moment the market spiked badly against my trades but i was still in profit. I said that is my opportunity i will double my position. No long after that the market spiked even more. Now i had a loose, and i m not going to the Caribbean with the girl.. My stops where hit and i was emotionally dead. Regarding the girl..Oh that beautiful lady she is with another guy, he manages a restaurant they say. But i m not done, my account has not been wiped out. I will be back, waiting again like a sniper in Stalingrad.

Lesson : Patience. | Creation and Sales of Trading Bots.