I was so tired, i needed a vacation, i needed to stop thinking about the markets. I had more loses than profits for the last months so i booked a small house near the beach somewhere in Greece for two weeks. I arrived, it was so cool, i liked the color of the sea. My relax lasted one day, the day of the arrival. The next day i was already thinking about the next big move. I started doing some serious macro and technical analysis. After 5 days in front of the computer in that small house i found what i was looking for. A huge move was about to happen in 3 days on the EURUSD pair. I even foretasted the exact time of the move -20 -30 minutes right before the US markets opening. I kept doing my analysis for three more days till the big day and everything was confirmed again and again. It was perfect. I shorted the pair and went for a walk. While walking i saw a shop that allowed bets on UFC events so i bet on my favorite fighter, who was fighting the next day, he was unbeatable. When i came back home i took a look at my computer screen and the trade was going perfectly well i had a nice profit. But the biggest move is usually the last so i had to wait maybe one more day. I wanted to reset all my loses and make some additional cash. When i woke up the next day things were even better. But i m professional and i didn't even consider an early take profit and close of my trades before my target, that big last move. I slept then woke up , had some food , the profit was there. I went to take a shower. It was a bit late and i was not expecting volatility at that hour. Suddenly the market became crazy. Some very strong moves in the opposite direction of my trade happened. I didn't know what was going on, there was nothing on Blomberg nor Reuters. I opened twitter and i saw it. Donald Trump tweeted. He was very angry with China again and decided to increase the importing tariffs of all Chinese goods. The move was so strong and almost reached my stop loss levels. Then i remembered that recently i read a report from GOLDMAN SACHS saying that usually moves derived from Trump tweets were temporary, so i decided to increase my stop loss levels. The market hit them in a short period of time. I took a bigger loss than the initially expected. I looked at the TV screen as the main UFC event had just started. My favorite fighter got KO'd in 10 seconds, the fastest Heavy wight KO in UFC history. When i woke up the next day the trump tweet had been forgotten and market reversed reaching the exact level i had targeted in my analysis. I had a loss but my account was still fine, i will comeback stronger than ever.

Lesson : Tweets move the markets.. | Creation and Sales of Trading Bots.